Gimmick version 1.0.2

Hello everyone! Thanks for playing Gimmick in the Chaos Dimension! We're here with patch notes for 1.0.2:

- Fixed explosion of wobbly lingering longer than you expect it to. Now lasts a flat 30 frames (half a second)
- Fixed the ability to wait out wobby's explosion by pausing
- All animations should now stop when the game is paused.

- Pickpocket at max stealth mode now makes a sound when it happens
- Stealth no longer can go through enemy attacks (wobbly's explosion, sleepy's portal, enemy shots) to compensate for it being longer duration than freeze.
- Freeze now destroys all enemy attacks. This includes sleepy's portals!
- Enemy shots now destroy themselves on impact with Gimmick.
- Level display! Shows how far you've currently made it in the maze.
- Stats now saves the max level you've gotten in the maze, as well as the maximum stars/power you've gotten in a single run, for anyone who wants to go for bragging rights.
- The barrier should be much more threatening now. If this ends up being too much, this may be adjusted in a future patch.

Coming soon is a new song, that's associated with our special guest! We will also have the soundtrack available as well. Please look forward to it!


Gimmick_MacOS_RELEASE_1_0_2_STANDALONE.dmg 14 MB
May 31, 2021 11 MB
May 31, 2021 12 MB
May 31, 2021 10 MB
May 31, 2021

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